Frequently Asked Questions

We gathered the answers to some popular questions below.
If you can’t find your question below feel free to contact us by calling 978 969 1719 or emailing info@thecastlebeverly.com, and we’ll be happy to help.


How does a board game restaurant work? Is there a charge to play games?

At our core, we are a full service restaurant. You will be sat at a table and have a server who will take your order and bring you food. However, at The Castle, you also have the option to play one of our many board games, for $6 person. This fee helps us maintain the board game library, as well as permits us to place less of a priority on turn times, allowing your party to stay and play as long as they’d like.

Exceptions to the game fee include: parties who are only eating and drinking (no gaming at the table), folks who are DMing for a group of players and folks working in a mentorship capacity for youth.

The game fee for children 12 and under is $3, and children 2 and under play free.

Are reservations required?

While reservations are recommended and appreciated, walk-ins are welcome. You can make a reservation here.

Is your space accessible?

The Castle is fully ADA compliant with 3 gender neutral bathrooms. If you have any specific concerns about accessibility, please reach out so we can do our best to accommodate.

Where can I park?

There are publicly accessible parking spots reserved for the building directing in front of the restaurant, along Railroad Ave. There is also parking along the edges of Odell Park, at the Train station and right next door is the Beverly Depot Parking Garage.

Do you serve alcohol?

Yes, The Castle has a full bar, as well as a wide selection of mocktails, full café menu and more.


Can I bring my own games from home?

Customers are welcome to bring their own games, but the $6 per person gaming fee still applies.

How do I find other folks to play games with me?

While most of the time parties come in with the folks they’re looking to play games with, we do have some events that are made to connect you with other gamers, such as our Learn to Play and Casual Gaming groups. Be sure to check our calendar for other open gaming events.

We also recommend you join our discord, where you can connect with other gamers in the community.

Do you accept game donations?

Yes, any games to be donated can be dropped off before 5p any day of the week. Any games we choose not to add to our library will be donated elsewhere. If you want to confirm we will be able to keep the games you are donating, email a list to info@thecastlebeverly.com.

I want to game all the time! Do you have a membership?

Yes, for $250 a year, you can enjoy unlimited gaming as well as a private discord channel that will get early access to events and announcement, weekly discounts, an invitation to a yearly members party and more.

Other Questions

I’d like to host a private event at The Castle! Who do I talk to?

The Castle is happy to host a variety of events, from corporate team building activities, to bachelor parties, to kids birthday parties. For details, please email events@thecastlebeverly.com.

Are you currently hiring?

Generally we post on our social media channels when we have openings, but applications are always available here.

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